Wednesday, 15 March 1865

Rose late ― i.e. 7.15. ― My watch stops continually so we take no note of time. Morning utterly gray & snowy-looking: all things odious.

No letter from Νικόλα Κοκάλι ― disagreable.

Worked at colouring 40 drawings of the penned out Corniche set. But at 10.30 ― went to get a note changed ― for I really had not enough ready tin to go to Cannes even had the weather been fine. ―

As Higgins had gone away to Sardinia, there was some difficulty but finally I got 20£. Next I bought some fig-tree & olive cups ― &c. &c. ― for Mrs. Hunt & self. Weather ― peculiar odious. ―

Home ― & worked at colouring those 40 drawings till about 4 ― when, going out, fell in with old Mr. Lyon ― & called there on the Deakins’, whom I persuaded to come out. The dresses of the women on the Parade were wonderful truly ― us disgusting.


The Deakins went with me up to Carabacel ―: I called at the Hotel de Nice on Mrs. Bayly ― Stephen Cane’s sister a really nice woman ― (with a sweet little daughter,)

1865-03-15bHome at 6.20. Gloomy ― but not cold.

Dined on Maccaroni & very wonderful curry. ―

Poor G. said nothing but, κατιτί πρέπει νὰ ἤχει γένει[1] ― when no letter came.

Heard him read. ― Penned out till 10 ― 10.30. Little hope for Cannes tomorrow.


[1] Something must have happened (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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