Thursday, 9 March 1865

Cloudy early ― but fine all day after 10. The sky however, has the unsettled character which March insists on ― here or elsewhere.

At work by 7.15. ― After breakfast ― letters from T. Cooper ^[& Mr. Gush] ― & E. Baring. Baring gives sad accounts of Corfû: ― he has kindly enquired about house in Malta ― & I almost think I had better arrange to winter there next year, & 1867, if one does not shuffle off the mortal coil before. Worked frightfully hard all day, but some of the 4th process drawings were teasers, & latterly, I was obliged to do less to the remaining ones, so as to make up the tale of 20. ― Τέλος Πάντων[1] ― 80 of the 160 are advanced a considerable lot of steps.

At 6 ― rushed as far as the Hotel des Princes & returned to dine at 6.45 ― (soup & roast fowl,) & to pen out afterwards till 10 ―

finishing the last penning of the Corniche walk ― 145 in all.

Heard G. read. ―

By Galignani I see that Mrs. Tennyson is dead ― 84.

― a most cheery ― simple ― good lady.

[1] Anyway.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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