Monday, 6 March 1865

Wonderful to say, cloudy morning, & only gleams of sun till 2 or 3 ― after which rain, ― & ever since 5, & now ― at 10 ― P.M. ― rain!! The quiet rain here, unaccompanied by wind, ― is a contrast to Corfu days.

Worked immensely all day ― & with success ― beginning the 4th process of the 160 Tyrants ― which labor I thought of painfully: ― yet I got thro’ 20 ― more or less finishd ― foregrounds.

No one came. & no post ― (only a kind note from Lady F. about the notes I had sent [for] Lady Frances. What “well-bred” people are those Fitzwilliams! ― which word includes much.

Various interruptions from beggars ― & the “Sacred heart of Jesus” ― ne voulez vous donner quelque chose Monsieur.”

At 5.15. called on Mrs. Saltmarshe ― who goes tomorrow to Genova & Rome.

Some good sort of folk ― Shaw_Taylor’s were there. ―

Penned out till 10.20. ― Only 4 more of the Corniche road to get through.

Heard G. & set him fresh copy.

20. of the 160 Tyrants. 4th process.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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