Monday, 27 February 1865

Hardly cold at all ― but perfectly calm & bright all day ― & the sunset most lovely.

Rose at 6.40 ― better for χθὲς τὸ περίπατον.[1] Worked ― off & on at 3rd process of the 160 Tyrants ― even until 5.15. ― a prison, yet becoming more bearable as knowing the end approaches.

Accounts with G.; he writes them better now a days, poor man. ―

Letter from Mary Wentworth ― θαύμαστον ― καὶ θαυμαζόμενος ἐγῶ.[2] She wishes to borrow 100£ of me for 3 years ― & will ensure her lige & pay me 5 per cent. Has asked her brother, but he refuses.

Thought over the matter. The only clear 100£ I have is truly due to Foords: & I cannot tell why M.W. is in want ―― as, ― since her own brother refuses, it may be for some not good reason. Putting all things together, I dedided ― tho’ with vexation ― to refuse. And did so.

Posted letters to Mary Wentworth ― & to Mrs. G. Clive ― & F. Lushington: ― a late walk ― at 6.

Dined at 6.45 ― G. being late, & it seems to me, not over well. Yet his Maccaroni & curried Turkey were tip=top.

Penned out Cogoletto drawings till 10. ― G. neither read nor wrote.

[1] Yesterday’s walk.

[2] Marvelous ― and U marvelling (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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