Sunday, 19 February 1865

Rose at 6.30. ― It is not possible for me to live in ’ot water ― so I had to “blow up” poor George & make matters straight ― as far as it was possible, before I left for the day. At 10 ― went to the Station, & waited there ― for their time is 20 min. before ours in town. A large Russian family ―with interesting clever juveniles, one of whom, cum tutor & nurse was in the carriage with me. Curious child ― so knowing in lingos! ―

And at Cannes, went to Lady Duncans ― 23 miles off. Anna D. looking most sadly ― yet better. Lunch. Miss Monro & her monkey. Walk with Lady D. ― After this, walked westward ― hoping to see trees ― but didn’t; ― then eastward, ― & seeing (by glass) trees westward, walked again that way, & finally reached the pine wood, wh. is fine ― walked back, meeting Mrs. Northey ― & Cocks brother ― (who gave a bad account of Corfû ― but that is not very reliable,) ― called on Lady Grey ― not at home. & so came to Railway. Astonished there by a slap on the back, Lo! John B. Harford!! ― Days of Amalfi! ――― he has been living with Mrs. H. & 8 children at Cannes since October! ― Rail ― off at 6. Same little Russy boy ― & tutor ― wonderfully “clever” child ― but I think as I think thinks tutor, ― their education is “superficial.[”]

Arrived at Nice ― 7.20. Home before 8.

G. had a wonderfully good dinner ― rice soup & a fowl: & seems happy ― as I am ― at our being “on good terms” again.

Queer English places are these watering places!

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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