Wednesday, 15 February 1865

No sun: horribly cold all day. A bore.

We rise now we do at 6.30 ― & are at work by 7.30 or 7.45. Worked at Tyrants more or less all day, the mixed drawings ― Via Reggio, Villa d’Este &c. &c. But I wrote 2 letters. One to Julia Goldsmid, & one to Lady Duncan.

Two letters also came to me. One from Gussie Bethell ― written from Genoa on Monday ― & they are to be in Rome on Saturday: ― & one from poor Lady Duncan ―: Anna is worse, & it seems to me that her mother begins to see how sad the case really is. ―

Cold & uncomfortable: ― tho’ if one could have exercise, there would be little to complain of, as there is no damp. ― But how different were these days in Corfû last year!

No one came. ― (Mrs. Leycester sent 20£.)

At 5 walked out ― seeing Higgins, who returned & walked with me. We met Baroness Rothschild, who said, “when am I to come & see the Palestine drawings you wished me to see?” (Considering she & H. asked me ― this was good. “I have sent them all to England” ― εἴπον ἐγῶ.[1] “Very wicked of you[”] ― quoth she. Higgins tells me that Mrs. Pender is here, P. was a few days ago ― he is chairman of the Sardinian railway company. ― Went to Mrs. Beaumont’s ― she is unwell & in bed. ― Returned ― how disagreably cold ― at 6. Dined 6.30. ―Penned out till 10.30. Heard G. read. There is much to be thankful for or to quiet & possible regularity ― even here.

Finished the 4th vol. of Sir C. Napier’s life: wh. has been a wonderful pleasure to me.

[1] I said.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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