Saturday, 4 February 1865

Rose ― 6.30. & at work by 7.30.

Wonderfully lovely day all thro’.

Sent letter to T.G. Baring ― & Νίκολα Κοκάλι.

Worked at Egyptian drawings of the Tyrants ― queer drudgery mechanism ― but what can I do?

At 3 came Mrs. Smith-Barry, her daughter, & a Mr. Franklands: ― it is a pleasure to show drawings, to Mrs. S.B. ― both for herself & as FitzJacson’s sister. Also the purple eyes of Geraldine are uncommon.

Then came, Helena & Madeline Cortazzi, & a Miss 4dice ― δηλαδὴ[1] Fordyce. ― After them, Col., Mrs. & young Northey ― & they staid till 5[.] Sever work ― talk for 2 hours ― all for nothing.

Went out at 5.15 ― & returned at 6.

Dined, & penned out 3 drawings: till 10.

Whatever the rest of the “winter” may be, fin’ora[2] it is lovely. Tomorrow ― to the Telegraph beyond Villefranche, the last day for those parts.

[1] I.e.

[2] So far.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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