Saturday, 28 January 1865

Perfectly clear & fine all day ― colder. New moon seen.

Rose before 7: & penned out more of small drawings. After breakfast ― sent letters to Mr. Lyon, Mrs. Reilly, Mrs. Norton, & Mrs. Smith-Barry asking them to come & look at drawings ― since they had all requested to come. Mr. L. sent Yes (by the Doctor ―) Mrs. S.B. unwell. No other answers. Traced some dozen drawings ― & wrote notes ― now & then working at color ― till 3. when Mr. Lyon & the D. & Nurse came, a bore. ―

Afterwards, Major & Miss Reilly ― & someone else: less a bore, as Miss R. is natural & intelligent. She says ― Mrs. Beaumont ― (Mrs. Blair’s friend,) is here.

By the time they went it was 4.15 ― so I then packed the odd drawings ― 6 for Villa Sassernò ― 4 for Villa Gastaud, & 14 for Chateau St. Laurent, ― & G. went with me to all those places. Coming away, met kindly T. Hankey, & immense Higgins. ― New Moon. Walked to the end of Promenade & returned. Surprising note from the Honorable Caroline N. ― G. gave me a good dinner as usual, & I penne out, (Oneglia & P. Maurizio ―) till 10.

3rd Vol. of C. Napier’s life begun today. A very queer life this; (mine ― not Sir Charles’s. ―)

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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