Thursday, 26 January 1865

Rose before 7. Gray: ― & not much sun all day ― but fine & warm: ― wh. facts I observe by coming into the front room now & then. The back room ― like that at Hastings ― has a werry limmited view.

Finished the extra 2 drawings for Thomson Hankey, so I am out of debt there. & began 10 others to fill up vacancies. Before breakfast, set in order, wrote ― but foolishly to Mrs. G. Clive[.]

Newspaper day: & none came: & postman vowed there was none: ― but afterwards ― the paper was thrown into the window of my bedroom.

Τινά πράγματα![1]

At 3.30, came Countess Φιτζουίλλιαμ & 2 daughters ― all perfectly well bred & good. It is not often one hour the pleasure of seeing such kindly unassuming gentle & graceful people ― wealthy & high in rank ― but none the worse for their position.

They staid till nearly 5. “All things are bound” & this seems one of the golden chains.

At 5 ―in gt. haste, walked up to Lady Duncan’s ― a hard labour too. Lady D. had been to Cannes χθὲς[2] ― but had found no rooms for the soul of her feet.

Came back by 6.30. Dined. G. had made a Mayonèse ― vastly good.

Penned out. (& heard the Suliot read in τρία γλώσσα)[3] ― 4 drawings of the Corniche ― & outlined one of P. Maurizio. ― C. Napiers life [being] nightly & daily delight.

[1] What things!

[2] Yesterday.

[3] Three languages.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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