Monday, 23 January 1865

Weather once more clear & magnificent, but windier.

Rose in disgust about G. ― But on going at 7.30 into the next room ― found him in anxiety ― saying loudly ― “Ho fatto male ― ho fatto male: m’arrabbiava troppo: gia lo sò: e non deve dire come diceva a nessun padrone ― molto meno a voi.”[1] ― So there was no room for anger left. By what he says ― I have no doubt they were rigorous in suspecting him, & bullying: for someone he says ― said ― “Si credeva che foste di Bologna ― come io aveva di fare con Bologna che non ci sono passato che una volta ― 4 anni fa!”[2] ― Poor George! Poland being unknown to him even by name.

Worked quite hard all day: finishing the penning out of 12 of the 25 drawings of Palestine.
1 day ― designed & slightly penned.
2 ― colored with blue red & yellow.
3 ― Penned out 13.
4 ― Penned out 12.
& it now remains to be seen if it requires one, two, or 3 more days to finish them.

At 4.30, walked up to the [Empressis] villa & round by the Railroad ― into the town, & back by 6.30. Dined: & penned out the last of Bordighèra drawings.

Ἀγάτ’ άγάλια[.]

Wrote to Mr. Edwards.

Thomson Hankey & Mrs. Bathurst sent 5£ each.

[1] I was wrong ― I was wrong: I got too angry: I know; and I shouldn not have spoken as I did to any master ― much less to you.

[2] “We thought you were from Bologna ― as if I had anything to do with Bologna, who passed through it only once ― four years ago!” In Italian “Bologna” sounds like “Polonia.”

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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