Friday, 20 January 1865

Perfectly clear ― & coldish ― all day: ― cloudier at sunset, pretty cold.

A better day ― tho’ with 2 sets of bother.

  1. Napier’s life is the life of my life & light of light, at present.

Wrote & sent a letter to ET. ―

Worked at the 25 Palestine drawings ― & also made tracings of 15 of the first 25.

Mrs. Bathurst wrote ― purchasing the little Ventimiglia ― the 12th sold. Καλὰ.[1]

Went at 4 to Lady Duncan’s ― taking her her drawing: Poor Anna D.! ― It is very very sad to see the two, & I wish they were nearer.

The 2 bothers were ― 1st ― Mme Canepa came, & asked if I would pay my remaining rent now, to oblige them, being short of money. ― I said ― I pay an exorbitant rent for your rooms ― for 6 months ― of which I agreed to pay for 3 months at entry ― & for the other 3 at the end of January: an arrangement sufficiently grinding to foreigners ― & yet you ask me to pay still earlier! I say NO! ― whereat Mme Collapsed.

2nd bother ― when I returned at 6.15 ― found poor George bad from having knocked his nose against the stairs; it was badly cut & bleeding ― but I am in hopes not so much hurt as I first feared. ―

Dinner ― beautiful Albanian rice, ― & boiled mutton & Caper sauce. After wh. ― sending poor G. to bed ― penned out (the large Ventimiglia drawing) till 10.30.

[1] Good.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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