Wednesday, 18 January 1865


Weather, perfectly clear & bright all day.

A disagreable day morally though.

Endless rabbia.[1] Rose at 6.45. ― & to 12 ― (barring breakfast at 9,) worked at the remaining 4 of my small drawings ― now 25 in all.

But interruptions ― door ― door ― door! ― were endless.

And many others ― G. ― unusually incautious, went across the road, leaving the door open, & so a Mendicante[2] came in by ill luck & up stairs!! ― So I foamed & worried no end.

At 3 ― (Baroness Rothschild was to come at 3.30 ―) came Mrs. Smith Barry & Miss S.B. ― & later, Higgins & Mme R. ― & her Sister, ― then whom 2 more ugly women I never saw. Mme R. looked at the 25 drawings in mano ― & all talked & frittered & bored me to death ― & holily glad was I when they went. My anger & distress is great, & although I had divided sheets of paper for Palestine drawings, I now do not know what to do.

“Let us alone.”

The only set off is that AT has been made a Baronet by the Queen. Viva Victoria R. I am delighted.

Rushed out at 5 & posted 2 letters to Ellen & Lady Goldsmid.

Dined at 6.30. The usual penning out & hearing G. read.

Read Sir C. Napier life.

[1] Rage.
[2] Beggar.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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