Tuesday, 17 January 1865

My dear Ann’s birthday: a dream ― yet how good & happy a dream! Ever all she was to me was good: ― & what I should have been unless she had been my mother I dare not think

She would have been 74 today.


Rose at 6.45 ― & was at work by 7.30. Cold & bright day ― I may say ― very cold ― all day. Little however, except for ½ an hour at breakfast ― do I see of the brightness ― for my back N. room is colder, tho’ the sun shines on the opposite homes. A room above this would really have been delightful, for this is so shut in by walls. Began, & finished 1 ― 5 pounder, & nearly completed 4 of those commenced yesterday. No one came ― till 3.20, & then Lady & Anna Duncan, & presently afterwards ― Hon. Mrs. Seymour-Bathurst, & her daughter, & her daughter-in-Law ― Muriel Warren ― a joyous kindly nice girl as ever. Verily young Allan Bathurst was lucky to get such a wife.

All looked at drawings ― 3 honorable, & 2 “dishonorable” women ― as the Newzealander wrote to Countess (Farren) Derby. ― At 5 called on Mr. Lyon, but only saw Dr. & Mrs. Deakin: that terrible Lady said His there hany hopes of ha hopportunity ― &c. ― I vow I never heard such speech!

Wrote to Lady James today. Posted letter, & bought 50 more card mounts. Home by 6, & dined very pleasantly & penned out ― (having heard G. read,) 2 large drawings, & part of 3rd. ― Bed at 10.45.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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