Sunday, 15 January 1865

Bad night’s rest. G. called me at 5.30. & I rose at 6 ― & at 7. exactly I set out: ― it is “too” blessed to get out of this swell doghole once a week. Glorious bright morning. Up by the Post, to Col. Smith’s ― & to Villafranca ― which I drew ― till 10 ― (I got there at 8.20.)

Resolved then to go & finish all the farthest subjects, so passed behind Villefranche, & below the pines & olives, & to the Isthmus & along the narrow path to St. Jean, & beyond to S. Hospice. Here, sheltered partly from an orfle wind ― lunch. Quirt & pleasant: looking at the wretched steamer going to Monaco, & one coming thence. And this, I think & hope, is my last visit to this promontory, drawing various times ― the Esa coastline is very grand ― I came away at 3.30 ― & behind Villefranche again ― got up to the old road height at 4.30 ― but we had to dawdle ― not to get to the Passeggiata by daylight. Finally it rained a little.

Dined at 6.30. ―

Letter from Ellen: always very amiable.

Penned out.

Accounts ― dreadful bore ― & I altogether so irritated that I feel half a mind to clear out at once.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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