Friday, 13 January 1865

Cloudy gray early ― & so remained, with gleams & glimpses of sun, till 2 or 3 ――― when it began to rain, & rained hard till 5. G. says, “non si sà [sic] quando piove qui, butta acqua e non fa chiasso”[1] ― wh. is true enough.

Worked totally all day ― penning out ― absolutely ― 10 small drawings ― so that, if I complete these tomorrow, 6 days will see 20 drawings finished.

“Sta a veder.”[2] Anyhow it is necessary now to complete a certain number of drawings for possible “Consumption” here.

At 5, went out ― altho’ it rained, ― up to Higgins’s ― & back all the way to [Berlundmas’] ― & to Viscontis. ―

Returning to dine at 6.30.

Penned out only 1 ― & ½ a drawing.

Heard G. read ― & looked to his writing, & Bed at 11. G. is always very quiet & obedient.

6th day of 5 pounders ―

[1] You never know when it is raining here ― water pours down but makes no noise.”

[2] Wait and see.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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