Wednesday, 11 January 1865

Rose at 7. Sun clouded: rises at 7.25. ― Cloudy all day ― mostly ― gleam of sun now & then. I have a cup of coffee now at 8 ― & breakfast at 10: ― for, breakfasting at 8, one wants luncheon. Violently set to work to produce some species of rapidly=executed, 5=pound=fetching drawing ― & tried a large one of Eza on gray paper ― but by 10 I failed entirely. ― After breakfast tried another dodge ― on white paper, & penned out 2 (Noli, & C. di Noli,) entirely also coloring them. But all this uncertainty is very disheartening. ― At 2. ― wo is me to remember ―


Τύχη. Φύσις. Θάνατος. Κόσμος. Ζῶν.[1]

At 4 came amiable Thomson-Hankey, & looked admiringly at drawings. Walked with him to Villa Sassernò ― where were charming Mrs. T.H. & Mrs. Bathurst. (Allan & Muriel come tonight.) (Mrs. B.’s ideas are slow.) Sang 2 songs. Came away at 6 with Courier ― & went on alone to Viscontis, where I bought 20 sheets of paper ― bringing home 10, in a leetle rain, wh. fell, cloudy all.

Dined at 7. Heard G. read, ― & penned out till 10.30.

[1] Fate. Nature. Death. World. Animals.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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