Sunday, 8 January 1865

Rose at 6.45. And off at 7.30 ― or a little before, for the sun had not risen.

Cold ― but beautifully clear. Walked to the 4 roads ― the old road to Villefranche. ― & drew there till 11. A very beautiful view in many respects certainly ― but wanting in others. Then, went up towards the higher 4 strade ― where all Nice & all the western hills, as well as the bay of Villefranche is seen. Where, καθίζοντες,[1] I & G. lunched on Baccalà & Salame & wine. At times, the bright sun & warm air brought back some early memories: but they are passing away now ― Either because one has no leisure, or because such memories naturally fade. At 3 ― wandered into other villas ― & saw ever the same view ― slightly varied. Many μεθυσμένος Ρόσσικοι Ναυται.[2] ― Home by 6. ―

Letter from W. Nevill: incoherent ― sad ― & not very intelligible.

Dined ― but cannot work again. So I write to W.N. Wrote to W.N.

[1] Sitting.

[2] Drunken Russian sailors.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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