Saturday, 7 January 1865

As usual, very glorious sunrise. Rose at 7.30 ―

Day bright & fine al solito ― not that I know anything of that, but by chance coming into the front room. Ὅμως[1] ― the back room is quiet & don’t smoke. Breakfast nowadays at 9 ― always clean & good: coffee cum milk ― Bacon, toast & butter. Wrote afterwards to Daddy H. & a nonsense frog=letter to Lady Duncan. Later came one from Ellen ― date July 3rd. The American news is sad: Henry’s younger son is dead, & H. very ill. Of F.[2] nothing is heard ― & his son is still a prisoner. ――

I worked hard all day ― but not altogether satisfactorily ― as the work was experimental ― I having begun 6 more small 5 pounders ― only 2 of wh. however I at all completed. 2 of the Egyptian drawings also I passed on to 3rd process.

It is, of course, a ‘toss up’ as to whether these small drawings are a failure or otherwise: but had I 50 or 60 done, I daresay I could sell ^[some of] them. The risk is ― the giving up time to get the sketches ― thereby putting away the season-of-London work. At 4, walked out: ― saw Col. Smith, & Mr. Lyon. Strange beauty of color & bustle of fashion ― with so little interest in all ways as this place has!  Among others, J. Higgins stopped me ― also wanting to come “& see Drawings[”] & to bring Mme Rothschild. Va bene[3] ― if I had anything to shew! ―

At 6, dined, & after hearing G. read ― penned out till 10.30: a tiresome endless work, but inevitable. After all, too much toil is better than too much idleness.

Poor G. is really angry at the expense & grasping nature of this place.

I arrange to go tomorrow “out of town.” ―

(Last year, at Ancona!)

3rd day of 5 pounders.

[1] Yet.

[2] Frederick, the other “American” brother.

[3] That’s all right.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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