Sunday, 1 January 1865

Rose at 7. Arranging &c. &c. made it 10 before breakfast. Morning gray.

Wrote, & arranged drawings, ― & at 2, went (to lunch) at Mr. Lyons. Walked with Dr. & Mrs. Deakin, & then called on Pantaleoni, whom I saw.

Concerning Card: A. ― D. Lermonta &c. Papal infallibility ― Galileo &c. &c. &c.

Walked to the Hotel des Princes to see if Lady Duncan was there: ὅχι.[1]

Called on the Cortazzi ― Helena & Maddalena to wit. A sensation of κενανία.[2]

On Mrs. Smith Barry ― out. No, ill.

Went to the [blank space][3] to dine, ― & saw Mrs. Saltmarshe, but sate apart next a Major Rich, who, I found (besides being an intelligent & agreable companion,) knew the Campions & Blencowes well. ― Wade-Browns ― & many others. So I asked him to come back with me, & we had coffee & cigars & Marsala, yea ― till 9.30.

[1] No.

[2] Nina does not know the word, which might mean “emptiness.”

[3] Presumably the Mediterranée, where he usually saw Mrs. Saltmarshe.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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