Sunday, 25 December 1864

The bill here was 10fr. Ambrogio Agnesi ― Locanda d’Italia. Slept very tolerably. Rose before 6. Cafe at 6.15. ― Small Cameriere’s account of his Soldier 5 years’ life in Sicily & Naples & Lombardy & wounded at Solferino, where he says he saw V.E. cry like a boy over the dead. He has 2 medals but niente paga:[1] wh. he says he don’t care about. Hard passi[2] he went through, but the Signore[3] took care of them all. Left at 6.45, & drew Cogoletto before sunrise, & the bridge view soon after 8. ― then the ascent to Invrea, not long, but cold & windy, tho’ there was sun. The forest of P. Maritima is most lovely, & there is much Ilex. Views towards Noli &c. ― drew twice. Beautiful pines. Descent to Varazze ― 9.30 or 10. Large town, many ships a building, ― copper plated ― Long narrow street as usual. Festa ― only men about, & hardly anyone on the road. Draw Varazze from W. side till near 11 ― a fine scene of the coast ― with the snow mountains above. ― Genoa & P. Fino beyond. Up to the next headland, & thence a good view of Celle[4] & Savona. Lunch ― but too much wind, & drew till noon: day very bright, but o! how cold! Celle is interesting, not so small the town, as its accompaniments ― a chapel, an old castle, & vast rocks by the wayside. Keeping to the loose stony railway embankment, shirked the village street, & on the other side drew again, (the rocks being extremely fine ―) till the cold stopped me. At 2 ― or 2.15 on round the headland of Celle, & came in sight of Savona & Albissola, which view I drew as best I might, in a piercing cold high wind. 2.30 ― on ― down the hill of meagre olives, to the town of Albissola; larger than it seems, scattered ― yet presenting nothing to draw. Beyond, a long hill, & winding road between walls brought me at 3.30 to Savona, not a little vexed to find that no view of the place is to be had at all on the E. side. At the Hotel Riale, the roba had arrived. From 3.30 to 4 ― I went up a hill to a convent, to see if a good characteristic view were attainable ― but nil: came back therefore, wash, dress, & at 5 ― table d’hôte. Mr. Flood, & the regimental mess. Long dinner. Universal champagne, & healths &c. ― It does not seem that ― except in a boat, ― any good ^[near] view of Savona is to be procured; so, though I have once or twice thought of staying a day ― I finally decide to go on tomorrow, as there is a Bus to send the Roba to Finale. ― Bed at 9.

[1] No pay.

[2] Steps.

[3] Lord.

[4] Celle Ligure.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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