Tuesday, 20 December 1864

No sleep. Up at 4. Off at 5. Fine day. Found, at Genoa, that poor G. has forgotten the book! ― so I have sent him back for it: saying next to nothing, as I know his ^[own] vexation is quite sufficient punishment. Came to G. Bretagna Hotel.

By the time I was washed, however, & ready for breakfast, G. came back, having found the book just where he left it.

This Hotel seems “neat” & quiet: breakfast good. At 12, went out with G. to the Lanterna, & tried to draw 2 or 3 times ― also S.P. d’Arena,[1] but the row, & the bother of carriages, & having had no sleep, upset me, & I could do nothing.

Wonderful to relate, it is all clouding again, & so there seems no hope of settled weather.

Returned to Hotel, & then, by Acqua Sola,[2] to the view wh. I want to take looking west: but all was cloudy, & I could do nil.

Returned, sad & disgusted. At 5, dined tête-a-tête with an intelligent Deputato[3] ― “Garofalo” M.P. for County of Terra di Lavoro.

At 6 I have come upstairs.

What to do on ahead is of no use to speculate. Have been unwell all day more or less too.

[1] Sampiedarena.

[2] “Spianata dell’Acquasola,” a hill in the centre of Genoa.

[3] Member of Parliament.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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