Thursday, 15 December 1864

It is now 9. A.M. ― & I rise ― a fearful night of pouring rain, high wind, & roaring sea. It is of course wholly absurd to think of moving today. What a journey! ―

10. P.M. All the day ― from 9. When I rose, to 4, was one vast cataract of rain ― with wind, & raging sea quâ accompaniments. The 2 forestieri[1] are Americans, (we breakfasted together,) & very pleasant. Later I found that she knows Rome well, Terry, Crawford-Perkins’s, Storey, &c. ―& also that he was U.S. Consul at Buenos Ayres, & knows Farquhar, Drummonds & others. They kindly asked me to sit by their fire, & lent me Dickens’s last book, ― I them Tennyson’s ― & read thereout. So day wore on, till at 4 rain ceased, & Mr. Hudson & I went out “for a walk” thro’ that one street of the town & up the hill beyond, whence the inevitable Riviera points & bay, is seen. Ἔπειτα, at 5.30 we dined ― very sociably, & later, we had a bottle of Marsala: afterwards sitting by the pleasant fire till nearly 10.

When I came to bed.

The cookery here is peculiarly vile: amazing.

The Diligence has just arrived in from Genoa, & that also from Nice: both of course very late.

How am I to get on tomorrow ????????????

[1] Foreigners.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]



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2 responses to “Thursday, 15 December 1864

  1. Hello Marco,

    Should you subnote this Ἔπειτα ? =Then or afterwards

    Best regards

    • Hi Nikos, the word appears with such frequency that I no longer translate it. BTW, should I post someentries with defective transcripts and no translation, would you be willing to check and translate them? Nina is very busy at the moment. Marco

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