Wednesday, 14 December 1864

At 6 it was quite clear, & I ἀποφάσισα ν’ ἀναχωρῆσω.[1] ― So at 7, the two objects were taken to, & left at, the Diligence office, marked for Alassio, ― & after Café, I & G. set off, leaving the many govenessed Russians in the act of setting off. It was then quite fine & calm, but grew cloudy before we got up the long coast hill going from Oneglia eastward, At a point where one sees the Val Diano, wh. is rich & olive-covered, & runs back from a bay where are Diano[2] & Cervo on the shore, G.’s hat blew away, ― but stuck on a stone right over the sea; to which that Suliot cat=like crawled, & regained it. Going downhill to Diano, the bay was very pretty, but there was still a prettier view further on, but I did not like to stay, for rain was ahead. So we pushed on ― passed the long street of Diano, & by a long long straight line of road between olives to Cervo, & round below the town & up the Cape ― forming the east point of the bay. More rain came apace, & wind, & it was a bore: also to sea the horrid land or cliff slips. Beyond, in pouring rain, a descent to the flat overflowed ground, where the alarming [Adorra][3] river was crossed on a wooden bridge. Then the village: & then a long ascent of C. delle Mele, to the Lighthouse, & down the other side: ― here there was a lovely view as far as Noli, & of Lainguelia[4] & Alassio, perhaps the prettiest scene ― next to Mentone ― I have yet seen in these diggings. Here, it being noon, we sate on a wall & lunched ― but it was awfully cold. Lainguelia is picturesque, & cold as I was, I drew again; whence, hurrying on, we got to Alassio at 2. But alas! No diligence had come, so we went to the Bella Italia, & I got housed: vast airy rooms ― too much show. ― At 4. the diligence came, & G. soon brought the Roba.[5] & at 5. dinner. Awfully bad. 2 English, or Americans, joined Converse.

It is now 8, & again pouring rain immensely.

A very unprosperous journey!

[1] Decided to leave.

[2] Today Diano Marina.

[3] Perhaps Andora, a village in the area.

[4] Laigueglia.

[5] Our things.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]



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2 responses to “Wednesday, 14 December 1864

  1. Dear Marco,

    I would stress ν’ ἀναχωρῆσω with an acute strees (οξεία) ν’ ἀναχωρήσω, as it is not very clear what EL uses. It looks like a ῆ which was corrected into ή. The correct stress is ν’ ἀναχωρήσω.


  2. FA

    The watercolour from this day can be found on the cover of the following book:

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