Thursday, 1 December 1864

The same bright & lovely weather, but clouding at 3 or 4 ― & looking as if it will change tomorrow.

A month comfortlessly began.

Rose at 7. Wrote to Mrs. Reilly declining to dine: ― for if I begin, I can’t stop or draw a line. ―

No letters. (A paper ― David Roberts is dead: ― last I met him at Genl. Rawdons, & at Hardwickes: he was 68.)

Worked, ― (but cold), ― & ill=worked at the drawings ― till past 4: utterly out of heart. ―

Then walked to Higgins’s Villa, with a note, declining also to dine there; ― he had called today at 10. Coming out of his villa I met him & Mrs. H.: ― a bore.

Called on Mr. Lyon ― unwell: & only saw Mrs. Deakin, who hutterly houtraged hall my hopinions of haspirates.

Returned home at 6.30: & found a sack (“Colossés”) made to order & measure, & keeping me waiting a week ― just 3 inches too small: so I was in a rage. Dined: ― but have no heart to pen out, tho’ everything is ready ― Lamps ― drawing &c.

We are constantly in “gloomy days.” On the whole, I am “ashamed” to have come to such a place as this. Well for me if I can stay till April.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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