Wednesday, 30 November 1864

Perfectly bright, tranquil, lovely, all day.

Rose at 6: & swiftly arranging all things, G. & I shut up rooms, & got off ― having had Coffee ― at 7.15.

We walked to the Bridge, & then took a 1 hour fly (for 4fr.[)] to Villefranche. Hence we went above the town, & I drew hard at various places till 12.30. The pines are most lovely, & the contrast of their parrot-green with the purple-gray sea & hill, & the sparkly little town below, vastly pretty. Walking to S. Jean, we got to some olives, facing the long Mountain Corniche wall, & there lunched ― talking of Crete.

At 2 came away, & drew twice nearer Beaulieu; whence, more slowly we reached Villefranche again by 4, & getting to the top of the Col. by 4.30, were at the Post Office by 5 ― & home before 6.

Found 2 letters, from J.O. & Mrs. Reilly ― both asking me to dinner. What to do? “My poverty, but not my will consents.”[1] ― What chance of making some 20 or 10 drawings if I go nowhere? On the other hand, what chance of peace if I go anywhere? I incline to go to Mentone as soon as possible: or at least to Eza.

Meanwhile― here ends November.

Dinner: & heard G. read ― 6 sentences in Italian, Greek, & English, ― which last he now reads best of all 3. ―


[1] Romeo and Juliet V.1.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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