Tuesday, 29 November 1864

Fine early ― but clouding by degrees.

No letters or paper. Wrote to T. Cooper to send no more Daily Telegraphs.

Came the 2 Pillischer Lamps; vastly joyful “arrangement” ― as are all here ― barring the Newspaper posts. I have written today to say no more daily papers are to be sent.

Worked hard till 3. ― finishing all the 2nd process of the 155 drawings already begun: γελωείδες πράγμα εἶναι.[1]

Walked out: left card on Mannerly Sutton ― out: then walked nearly to S. Pons ― returning to Lady Duncan’s: ― poor Anna D, coughs sadly still.

Some Miss Sinclair came. At dark I tumbled down to the town ― & finding an Italian shop, brought [sic] a lot of comestibili.[2]

Home, & dined at 7. At 9 ― having heard G. read ― I am going to prepare for tomorrow. ―

16th day of 240 Tyrants. Got through 11 2nd process ― being 155 in all ― 2nd process completed.

154 ― one being Gussie Bethells!

[1] I think he was going for “γελοιώδες”: “it’s ridiculous” probably meaning “easy” (NB).

[2] Food.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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