Monday, 28 November 1864


Bright ― fine, chill. Very remarkable & “excellent” brightness exists in Nice.

Accounts ― a bore always.

Letters, Dickenson: Anna Duncan.

No lamps appear as yet. The Daily Telegraph of the 25th appeared today: the 17th ― 22nd, & 24th ― have never come.

Worked hard from 10.30. (8 to 9 before breakfast.) to 4.

Walked at 4.15 ― to Villa Sacernò: Mrs. Seymour-Bathurst’s: ― she was particularly amiable to me 21 years ago in Rome.

Pleasant & well-bred ― & a Hankey ― which is enough. The daughter, an invalide, has a very winning & charming manner. A young man, one Somerset ― was there, & we walked back to Nice together: ―

Called at 5.45 ― on Mrs. (Webb) Hankey, & sate till nearly 7: certainly an [unaccountably] fascinating woman: nice little boy too.

She goes to Genoa tomorrow.

Home by 7. ― Dined at 7.30.

15th day of 240 Tyrants. Got through 2nd process of 15 ― 144 in all.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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