Tuesday, 22 November 1864

Bright & beautiful all day long. Rose at 7.

I work now, an hour before breakfast. Breakfasting at 8.30, or 8.45 ― because the post comes at 9.15. ― Breakfast is pleasant, ἐὰν μῆ[1] for the flies: ― the bright blue sea & green garden is very un-November-like certainly ― although one somehow always seems in England. ― Worked from 10 to 3, but was unwell & chilly.

(a nice letter came from C.F. ―)

At 3.20 ― walked ― experimentally, ― to various heights West of the Promenade ― all crowded with villas. Nevertheless ― τουλάκιστον[2] ― the long armed olives, soothe & delight me.

Returning about 4.30 ― & resting on the Pont de Magnan, ― came “J.O.” ― so I could not avoid “fraternizing” ― & going with him to his villa ― whence one sees a beautiful view of Nice really. He walked down with me to the Promenade, & asked me to dine ― but this I do not like to accede to. ― Went to post a letter to P. Williams, & home by 6.15. Dined at 7.

Heard G. read ― but I can’t work, for want of lamps.

10th day of 240 Tyrants.
Finished 2nd process of 9 ― 75 in all.
& also 3 more making 78 in all.

[1] If not.

[2] At least.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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