Sunday, 20 November 1864

Very lovely quiet bright morning. Walked a bit before breakfast on the promenade: ― reading Homer. ― Now the “spirit of the East” ― ancient & modern ― fades from me ― being here at the western vulgar limit: ― but query, does that make more or less happiness? Breakfast ― & no post, reason unknown. ― Wrote to Mrs. Clive, Mrs. G. Scrivens, W.H. Hunt, & T.G. Baring. At 1 ― called on the Deakins, & lunched with them & Mr. Lyon ― a kindly pleasant senior. At 3, went to Church ― a dreadful bore, Sermon on Woman in Samaria ― a new subject, 40 minutes long: ― irritation. Coming out ― various Reillys seized me, & I went with them to see their mother: heaps of people there, wholly a bore. Called on Mrs. Smith Barry ― out. Home, & at 5.30 to table d’hôte at Mediteranee ― Mrs. Saltmarshe unwell: queer set of English. Sate next a little man, who turned out to be Greek.

Came home by 7.30. Wrote a little ― & bed early: ― διότι,[1] ― I have no good lamps ― & can’t work.

[1] Because.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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