Friday, 11 November 1864

The night was stormy=noisy early, ― but I slept very well ― all things considered.

Rose at 7. At 8., G. had breakfast, as neatly & perfectly as at any time these 10 years. ―

I set to work, furiously, afterwards; ― & from 9 to 2 ― arranged, & slightly blocked out, ^[in pencil][,] no less than 4 sets of drawings ― of 40 each. Absurd as this seems ― it is true: & it was no little brain work from a head like mine, to select 160 out of a multitude of views, & to determine their position &c. It makes me laugh to think of it: ― tho’ it was no laughing work.

After 2 ― I went to Avigdor’s bank, & changed 3 Twenty pound notes of Drummond’s ― getting 1509 francs. All the morning, whilst I was so busy ― it had rained a mizzly little, & at times later, ― but the air was warm & pleasant. Wrote to Lady Strangford, who wrote to me, asking me to send a Railway bill. ― Called on Mrs. Smith Barry ― & Mrs. Saltmarshe: & later, on Dr. Deakin. Met Mrs. Hankey ― προτήτερον,[1] Webb. So, it came to be 5. ― or 5.30 ― & I returned.

George had a good dinner of Soup, & lamb & “fazoï[”]:[2] & much it was good.

At 8 ― I set to work ruling lines round the “to be” drawings ― & finished 60.

Meanwhile G. sits down to his reading as if it were 10 years ago. ― Singularly even, & simple, & good man you are o Suliot.

Meanwhile, there is all to thank God for, & nothing to complain of. ―


First day of 240 Tyrants.


[1] Earlier (NB).

[2] “Beans” in several Italian dialects.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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