Wednesday, 9 November 1864

Lo! ― rising at 7, & opening the window ―― there stood the Suliot ― smoking his cigar! It was a regular pleasure to see George again: he came last night from Genoa, ― having left Corfû on Oct. 31. ― Χριστὸς ― poor man ― died one moth after G. returned home. Σπύρος went to Athens in July, & is not yet come back. ―― G. & I set out, talking over lodgings & all sorts of Corfu news bemixed, ― & visited many homes; ― but we both thought No. 61. ― a small set of rooms, ― the best, by far, adapted to all points. So I nearly concluded on taking them. Returned, & breakfasted: & afterwards, went again to N. 61 ― & finally fixed to come there ― taking them for 2000 Fr. ― or 80£. They are small, but quiet rooms ― well arranged ― & with good back light. How I should have described them to dear Ann! ― At 2 ― came back, & wrote to

T. Cooper
& Nicola Kokáli,

1864-11-09& at 3 took these to the Post ― going afterwards with G. to the Villa Franca road, & returned by 5.30. Dined: & having gone upstairs ― lo! Roberts & his friend Gardiner. The former sate with me till 9.30. His account of the Clarks was truly dreadful: what frightful suffering that poor man must have had for 10 years!

Roberts is a kindly man ― & his Zante hospitality νὰ μὴ λησμονήσης.[1]

Bed at 10.

Day quite fine ― but not so clear as yesterday.

[1] Not to be forgotten.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]



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4 responses to “Wednesday, 9 November 1864

  1. Valerie Falchi

    Welcome back, Edward.

  2. David Rettie

    Nice to see this up and running again!

  3. On your toes right away Marco. This is nice to see.
    I would spell Σπύρος with a ypsilon. I think EL writes it correctly, this time.
    Please, change the moth to month.
    I presume Χριστός (Χρήστος or Χρίστος is the correct spelling) was George’s brother.
    Keep up the nice work!

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