Here We Are Again!


Tomorrow I will resume posting Edward Lear’s diaries from the date I stopped over a year ago.

I will try to publish two-three entries a day until I reach the end of 1865, at which point Lear will be in Malta: the journal for that period is available in John Varriano’s book, so I will skip it. I expect to be able to begin posting day by day at a 150-year interval again by the summer.

In the next few days Lear will be going on a tour of the French and Italian Riviera and as some of the watercolours for the trip are available on the Houghton Library website, the posts will also be “illustrated.”

I hope you will enjoy the blog and look forward to reading your comments.


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4 responses to “Here We Are Again!

  1. Elizabeth Raiked

    Welcome back. You have been missed and your work is much appreciated.

  2. Welcome back mr Graziosi! I’m looking forward to read and see mr Lears work again, thanks to you!

  3. Nice to see you are back.
    I hope that things went as good as they could have gone!
    Looking forward to the continuation of the 150 years Lear’s replay.
    Best wishes
    Nikos D. Karabelas

  4. Gerald Brisch

    How nice to have you back and what a brilliant contribution this all is. Well done.

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