Saturday, 5 November 1864

The night passed very decently ― smoke nonostante.[1] & as morning came on the society was pleasant. The man next to me ― (I suppose Prince Stradella of Sicily) told me his brother had married Donna Caterina Giardinelli (of Antrodoco 1843 memories ―) who has 3 children! ― He also told me that Pippo Gaetani is dead.

A cup of Coffee at Lyons ― but no other pause ― to Marseilles at noon. Carriages changed ― no time for food. Near Cannes, saw Giuseppe Posidoni, ― & lo! Mrs. Saltmarsher & what memories of Mr. Whitmore, ― & far far deeper & older of dear Mrs. Empson!!

Reached Nice ― (the Rlway now complete,) by 7.45. a journey just 24 hours ― too long to be taken at one breath.

Came to the little Hotel du Nord ― but, as indeed I could not otherwise expect, ― no George. 2 Steamers come to morrow, but all Diligences are uncertain, vû the rains, & roads.

Dinner, & bed, before 10.

Morning gray & slighty [sic] drizzly ― but after Avignon, it cleared, & was quite bright & fine towards noon, & after.

[1] Nowithstanding.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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