Friday, 4 November 1864

Rose at 8. Breakfast ― 9. An American couple. Thinking that the butter was in common with the table, I took some of that close to me ― whereon the American pulled it away. “Pardon me” said I ― & explained, “You may have a little bit, I guess,” said the lady. To a vulgar Englishman, who, hearing the talk about the last war news, said, “what do you think now will be the end of the war?” ― she answered well, “I guess we ain’t in the habit of talking about ˇ[our] National politics to strangers at public tables.” At 10 to Hotel de l’Empire, & sate with Adml. & Mrs. Robinson & Miss Louis till       : Mrs. R. kindly gave me a pair of slippers. The Adml. was very jolly & delightful, as to the Spanish trip, & in all ways. His account of the D. of S. abord at the interview with Marshal McMahon was impayable: so also his story of his early Captain, Lord ― Townshend, whom an American Whaler’s mate followed & reviled ― (Lord ― being lame & deformed.) Robinson, on whose arm the Capt. leaned walking, was checked as to his desire to punish, but all at once Lord ― said “Coxswain ― kick that man down!” ― which Coxswain instantly did, & wheeling round & saluting said “Knocked down my Lord.” ― Left these kind people, & walked: saw the mutilated statue of “Silla[”]― & from 12 ― to 3 was at the Louvre Gallery. Roberts pictures are very dreadful as to color. Hotel de Louvre, & dined sparsely ― for me: good. Got things ready, & set off by 6 to Rail. Long waiting, weighing, &c. &c. Off at 7.45. Carriages very full. Old sick man, & “servante=maitresse,” & 3 men ― 2 got out at [Montereau];[1] & the remaining one began to drink brandy, & got quite drunk ―: so at Tonnerre I absquatulated & got into another voiture.



Mem: to buy back the Rembrandt & Gevartius portraits of C. Hanson. ――

[1] Perhaps Moneteau

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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