Thursday, 3 November 1864

Letter from B.H. Hunt. Currey goes, & not he.

Very fine day ― & calm: great good fortune. Wrote, in bedroom, till 9.30. ― Breakfast, ― While I sate, afterwards, in the reading room, writing to Mrs. G. Clive, heard ˇ[the] loud voice of an old lady ― “Mentone” &c. &c. ― “prolong life ― I am 77” ― “built a house” ― “best there” &c. &c. “my brother Sir Thomas,” ― & lo! turning round it was the outrageous Mrs. Usborne! “horrid person.” (But poor W. Dudgeon is thus recalled to me.) By 11.30 ― came away, & saw luggage registered. 2/18/6. ― to Paris. On board by 12.30[.] Off at 1. Very good passage & bright & blowy. Arrived exactly at 3. Herring boats going out if the river were obstacles but beautiful. ‘Bus’ to station. Dinner, unintentionally expensive, by reason of unknown food, & loss by Belgian coin. They don’t box one up in the room now-a-days ― but one chooses one’s place early. Pleasant 6 hours to Paris: ― long waiting for luggage ― (we arrived at Paris 11.20,) ― one trunk only (fortunately that containing no paper ―) opened. Gave porters 2 fr. Small ‘bus’ to Louvre by 12.15. Bouillon & bed, before 1.

I can hardly remember that I ever came across & to Paris so easily in all respects.

Thank God.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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