Sunday, 16 October 1864

[blotted] ― did not rise ― as it would be too cold to draw out[.]

Afternoon ― cold & windy.

Prayers at 9. Breakfast. Afterwards ― talk with ET till 12.30. Certainly, there are few like her. ― Their interview with the 2 ― who made a very low courtsey to AT ― but shook hands with ET ― & the boys. Talk of the Danish war, when ET said ― “you know, [maam], we are all Danes.” ― At 12.30 ― I walked to Murrow’s, & brought up K. Lushington. Lunch ― AT’s manner is assuredly odious at times. ― After lunch, sate with him ― reading scores on scores of letters ― from fools ― madmen ― admirers ― would-be=employers ― &c. &c. ― some letters very curious. Galileo Galilei ― & his ideas of a poem on. ― Later, Mr. Worsley came. ― & at 3.30 he walked a little way on the Down with us. AT & I went on to near[Alamo] Bay ― which they are fast spoiling. Back by 5.30 ― looking in at a Shepherd’s cottage. ― Dinner. AT’s ways ― & afterwards, my outspoken opinion about his morbid absurdity & unphilosophical bothers. Evening pelasant, I “explaining” Crete to them both.

Bed at 11. Uncomfortable bed: noise of flapping window or door: sleeplessness & indigestion.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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  1. Peter Byrne

    Lear gives the decided impression that visits to the Tennysons would have been more pleasant without the presence of the poet. He got along just fine with the poet’s wife.

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