Saturday, 15 October 1864

Perfectly lovely day. Rose shortly after 6 ― & at 7 drew in the Garden ― Hallam & Lionel coming now & then. At 9 ― breakfast, ET, ― & afterwards ― AT. Talk with E.T. about the boys’ going to school. The news of a Railway to cut thro’ the park disturbs. Of Mrs. Park House L. ― & her Edinburgh life ―! Of F. & Kate L. ― & so on ― At 12 I called on poor Kate L. ― in the sunny room at Murrows I had in 1861. ― Saw the little Harry. Walked back by the Downs ― lovely. ―

2 Messrs Worsley at lunch ― rather tiresome ― but then I am not tolerant. At 3 ― Walked with AT to the needles ― he does not seem to enjoy scenery now ― & ever talks about the accursed railway. ― No one came to dinner, but he was “far from over wise” ― & at 8 came F. & Mrs. F. Pollock ― who staid till 10.30. One always seems to live in public here. (Letter today from D.J. Simeon ― they are away ― so I can’t go on Monday.)

AT’s ravings about England ‘going down hill’ ― “best thing God can do is to squash the planet flat” ― &c. &c. ― are wearying & distressing. Much talk of religion ― Balaam’s ass. ―


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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