Friday, 14 October 1864

Gray ― sunless ― fine. ― Rose at 6.30, & “packed” &c. till breakfast. Underhill came. ―

At 10 came to Railway ― & by 1.45 or 2.15 (in company with a very pleasant intelligent man,) came to Brocklehurst ― days of 1855!! ― & to Lymington. Here, there was a fuss about the Steamboat, ―going from the quay to the jetty & vice versa ― water not being deep enough. At last, got off with 2 passengers from the jetty. Ran aground on starting & had to wait the tide ― saw 2 wrecks in the river. Across the Yarmouth ― ˇ[by 4.10] & Fly to Farringford ― arriving before 5. Great loveliness of scenery ― but how much is being spoiled by “novelties” as the Spaniard says.

Saw ET & AT ― & walked in the field & garden with him ― the boys 2 here. Dinner pleasant ― & evening would have been so had not Mrs. C. come in, whom ― never liking at any time, ― I now dislike extremely on account of the H.H.J. business. Besides she is a bore. Emily T. is I think sadder than formerly: the sending the boys to school is a weight perhaps on the future. Alfred is more expansive & diffusive than usual. Although this is one of the places I am really happy in, ― (& few they are) ― tho’ the pleasure is “mingled with Melancholy” ― like Ellis Ashtons “fox color mingled with gray.” ― I had a letter from the good old gentleman yesterday.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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  1. Peter Byrne

    Not so strange that Alfred Lord Tennyson is referred to as the “Spaniard.” In his youth he affected an exotic look and had been on an adventure to Spain. A few entries ago Lear said how much he liked Garibaldi. Tennyson, with success, was moving to the Right. One wonders if he agreed with Lear about the Italian revolutionary.

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