Monday, 10 October 1864

Fine, but gray ― scarcely sunny.

Letters from B.H. Hunt ― he will, with his usual kindness ― be executor for Ellen. From Miss Dennett, who writes rather more hopefully if the Duke ― but her letter is very sad: ― & from Lady Hatherton ― very nice.

Wrote to Taylor, & G. Kokali ― (2 letters to him, having forgotten in the first to tell him to call at the Post in Nice.) Ellen, Mrs. Hunt & others. Worked pretty stiffly at Sir Walter’s picture, the sheep & middle distance ― till 4. Nobody came. ―――――――

But, just as I was going out, somebody did come: to wit Caroline & Augusta Bethell. ―――――――――

Emma Parkyns was in the Carriage below. ――

After which I walked to Kensington & called at Robt. Martineau’s ― out. back by 7. Dressed ― & to Lowndes Square ―


Very pleasant. Among the many anecdotes ― one from H.G. ― of Garibaldi: ― he had come to Taplow from Cliefden ― &, ― driving back ― many labourers left the plough to see him. “This” ― he said, “I like: in Italy the priests would not let them come: this is freedom.” ―― One more; ― at a[1] village school, the mistress (I think G.’s sister,) hearing the boys talk of Garibaldi ― said ― “attend to your books ― what can you know of Garibaldi ―? ― Do you,” ― (addressing a boy[)]― “even know who he is?” ― “Yes ―― he is the man who set Italy free, & took nothing for himself.” ― (Mistress shuts up.)

[1] The entry continues at the bottom of the opposite page, for 9 October.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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