Sunday, 9 October 1864

Gray, but fine. Rose early ― in order to get 60 drawings together ― of various places ― to show Gussie & Emma tonight. This took me ― with packing then ― till nearly 1. P.M. Then there came a letter from Slingsby ― saying ― could I come on Monday or Tuesday, as Emma was not so well today. I was greatly disgusted ― & as he said nothing of my coming without the drawings, I wrote to say I would give up dining with them. Best so ― for, even at this late hour of life, the ridiculous flames of nature burn: best put out at once ― hard as it is ― over & over again, to welcome darkness.

So I went out “no whither” ― & walked till near 5, when returning, I found a not from Lord George Quin, asking me to dine on Tuesday. ― Whereon I wrote, yes ―, ― & left it at Belgravia Square. Then called to see if E. Baring had returned ― but he hadn’t. ―

Then to the Blue Posts ― where I dined for 3/. ― & home by 7. But life, tho’ not very luminous ― is far lighter than at this time last year. ― I wrote today to Taylor, Giorgio, ― C.F. ― Mr. Ashton, Mr. Edwards, Mrs. Clive, Sarah, & others. ――

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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