Tuesday, 6 September 1864

Slept well. But only riz at 7.

After breakfast ― “employed” some hours in setting my Italian sketches in order, & did not begin to work till 1. P.M. Then worked at the Janina till 6.

Cab to “Tavistock Park.”


Vastly pleasant.

Later, Fergusson, Scharf, & I walked on the Terrace, &, re-entering ― found all fled. We could not make anyone hear ― & so we also ‘fled out.’

Shortly after, anche Scharf was minus, & F & I walked on till 11.

Home at 11.15. ―


President Lincoln’s anecdote about the Furlongh ― & the Smallpox. Having the latter ― he said ― at last I am glad to have something ˇ[I can] give away to anybody ― & that no one will ask for. (or, that I have something that no one will ask me to give away.)

The 2nd is a story told by Lincoln himself to the delegates from the South, at the commencement or before it ― of the war. Nursing his knee, he said, Ah! Mr. So & So ― I am glad to see you here again. Don’t you remember the good story you told me when last here? ― “No.” was the reply. “It was this” ― said President L. you said you were a staying at ― where was a young officer & his bride; & the lady next her ― said How long is your husband’s furlough? ―― “I don’t know to an inch or so but it was about as long as that ―――!” said the lady:


(N.B. The improper story overleaf[1] was received well ― as an illustration of the levity & buffoonery of Citizen Lincoln’s Const.)

[1] The bracketed note is written at the beginning of the page for 7 September. The whole entry for 6 September is extremely confused; the second seat map, for instance, appears at the bottom of the page for 5 September; and the two Lincoln “anecdotes” seem to have been added last, in the spaces remaining from the entry.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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