Sunday, 28 August 1864

Cloudy ― cold ― dry ― gleamy. Medicine.

Wrote lots all the morning ― to G. Cocali, Mrs. Francillon, Clark (W.G.) & others. Then I drew in & ruled all the Acqueducts & the Tower in Sir W. James’s Campagna ― after which I suddenly commenced 6 of the 3rd size next year Watercolored drawings ― & actually outlined all 6. ― At 5 then, I went to call on Sir H.J. Storks ― but he was not in. Yet Cecil Lane was ― by a lucky chance, calling there also. (Giorgio ― Constantino’s brother opened the door ― for Sir H.J. has brought the Palace servants here: “being a kind-hearted man.”) So, C. Lane walked with me all to Brompton, & kindly waited for me which I went in at 1, Trafalgar Square. Poor Fanny Coomber really did break the knee tendon yesterday, & is in bed for 4 or 6 weeks ― if ˇ[even] the lameness is not for always. I saw Fanny Catt (Willett, ― & Marion Morse: how odd![)] C. Lane walked back with me to Assley House, & then I cabbed home. At 7.30 ― taking “Parrots” & “Knowsley Menagerie” I went to 61. Eaton Square where also I dined this day last year. ―


Always delightful[.]

Cabman, who went wrong, said, “Please Sir excuse me, I am a beginner.” Home by 11.30.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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