Wednesday, 24 August 1864

Rose at 6 ― & wrote to Mrs. G. Clive.

The Cretan labour is done.

Si I set to work on the Janina ― at the Jumerka Mountain.

When I woke ― one of those absurd ideas which are the nearest approach I ever have to dreams, & which come as I wake in fits of laughter, ― presented itself. What, thought I, if Lady W., Sir F.G. ― Mr. Morrison & Mr. Tipping all come at once & each buying one or two pictures ―clear off all my study? ― At 2 ― absurdly enough Sir G. Goldsmid actually did come: & just after, Lady W. & C.F. But neither bought anything ― so the prophetic bosh was not all foolfilled. Lady W. absolutely looked younger than C.F. who seemed very harassed & nervous. Worked on at the Janina till nearly 7. Then dined alone ― reading ― & now, 9.30 ― Ἔτοιμος εἷμαι νὰ κοιμιοι δῶι.[1] ― But, while writing to F.L. ― came Holman Hunt: ― from Cambridge [last]. Much talk of the Fairbairns ― & the portrait. Poor Daddy is very much altered in many ways ― but no wonder. I wish he would go abroad. He left at 10.30.

[1] I am ready to sleep.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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