Thursday, 11 August 1864

Most lovely day, & warmer. Boles shut up ― so always unwell. Prayers too long ― είς τὸ κατ’ ἐμέ.[1] ― After breakfast ― looked at Lady James’s house, & a drawing I had made “for Miss Ellison” in 1839! ― After one party went off to Canterbury, ― I left these kind good creatures, & came to Sandwich with Walter, & by rail, at 11 or so, to Ashford, where I left him at 12.50. ― Hardly time for a hasty bit of food, but that, eaten too hastily, did much harm. Rail on to Tunbridge, & there, with difficulty got a fly. Beautiful country near Tunbridge, & Seven Oaks ―.

Bad indigestion ―― (X6)

Fly on [thro’] Seven Oaks, & Riverhead, & at 5 I got to Mr. Tipping’s at Brasted. Solid handsome house, beautiful cared=for park. Pleasant lady, ― 4 sons. Walk with Mr. T. & look over drawings. Good pictures, καὶ ἀληθῶς πολλά πλούτη.[2] ― Dinner, vastly good, & wines περίφιμοι[3] ― especially Madeira. ―

Talk afterwards ― tho’ I was fearfully sleepy.

Bed at 10.

[1] In my opinion (NB).

[2] And truly many riches (NB).

[3] Excellent (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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