Saturday, 30 July 1864

Rose before 6 ― (so strong is the ruling passion ― O! Morn ―― morn! ― tho’ we see it not now. ―) & then, & after breakfast coloured one more dozen of the Cretan drawings ― leaving only 4½ dozen to pen out & color, out of the 11.

(Was it this morning, or yesterday ― yesterday it was ― that a new press came from Charltons, & I had that, & the old one placed in the “sitting-room” ―soon to be turned into a bedroom.) I worked also at designs for Sir W. James’s pictures ― with an unwonted Energy.

After lunch, Thomas Cooper & I absolutely changed all the furniture from the Bedroom to the other, & vice versa, & at least one has a tolerable sleeping room. ― (Alas for casa Παραμυθιόττι ― & the view therefrom!! ―)

Ἤλθε κανεῖς.[1] At 6 I went to Newmans ― to get colors ― but that was shut, as was Robersons ― (Saturday-early-closing Movement:) ― but at the latter I got colots & brushes I wanted.

Returned at 8 ― & dined alone ― “purchasing” a leg of mutton of Thomas Cooper, to help the “Doctor’s bilz.” The Coopers, in spite of their calamities are incessantly obliging & kindly as servants. T.C. has just come back from Mr. Moriers ――

Admiral Morier died last night at 6. Very stretto[2] & queer is this little sitting room. ― but there is no help for it at present, for Robinson, the man below, is disappointed of the house he was going to, & I can but ask him to stay a week or two to save him extra trouble.

[1] No one came.

[2] Tight.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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