Friday, 29 July 1864

Rose at 6. Penning out, ―for unless I break the neck these Cretan sketches, I shall have no peace. But the little upstairs room is sadly hot & close. ―

Pazienza. Tarrant sent some more mounted drawings, ― arranging which took up some time. Also I fell asleep. And Jameson the jovial, with his mother & Mrs. Coleridge came. How pretty is Mrs. C.! ― Later, poor Major Reynolds came, looking very ill, ― & Miss Yates, who is not satisfactory. Then, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Warde, & Mrs. Louis ― all pleasant. Did not go out at all, but coloured & penned till 7.30. The sooner the dose is taken the better, but it is hard work.

Dined, μοναχῶς, at 8.30. The Coopers’ poor little child still lives ―weary & dreadful work foro the 2 parents. Looking back at last year’s & earlier journals, life is much the same now as then.

Ἐγευμάτισα μοναχῶς: [κὶ] ὑπήγα εἰς τὸ κρεββάτι -‘ς τὰς ἒνδεκα.[1]

Mr. Morier came late ― appearing to me sadly aged; ― the Admiral is ill & I fear dying at Eastbourne. ―

[1] I dined alone: and went to bed at eleven (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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