Sunday, 24 July 1864

This regular irregularity of pain!

Rose at 8 ――. Cooper’s little girl still lives: ――― a great misery for these poor people.

I coloured 6 more Cretan drawings & penned out one ― before 1. A.M. (The Coopers brought me up a plate of has mutton “by way of change” ― they said ― but in reality is a humble way to testify that they were gratified for sympathy ―― which, however, any man, not a hog, should give.) It comes over me at times that the “old times,[”] are all gone: ― no more Corfu ― no more Greece: no more light. ― …… Wrote― finishing ― letters to Taylor, & to George ― ordering all things to England: but as to wintering at Genoa, or Spain, or elsewhere ― who can say? ― Best wait & work ―― but this last how hard to do here! ――――――――

So at 4 I called on Mrs. Crake: ― shrunken, but yet little older: she would talk of W.N. ― wh. I stopped. And “Mary Ann” is at “Quorn Hall” forsooth, “a beautiful place in Leicestershire” ― forsooth! an’ I knew it not! then I walked across the park to Bruces ― but met him, & Mrs. Bruce, & one of his sisters, & little Willy. This was refreshing: A certain sort of brightness & truth is in Mrs. Bruce’s face ― unlike ordinary expressions. She would light up a dark room. H.A.B. left at Constitution Hill, ― they & I walked back to Poiner’s gate ― where I put them in a Hansom cab. Then walked home, & at 8 to Blue Posts, where I dined, & came back by 9.30

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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