Saturday, 16 July 1864

Rose at 6 ― & from 6.45 ― to 8 ― worked at the Butrinto picture.

Letters ― J. Cross
Mrs. Bell.
Ellen, ― who does not know the contents of one from J.H. Salter of Arundel ― telling me of Fredk. Street’s sudden death! They particularly wish me to go to the funeral on Monday, & I should go anyhow. This knocks up all plans. ― so at 12. I prepare to go out.

At 1. I went out ― calling at Lenahan & Bennets, & Foord’s ― & to the rail. At the Station, met Edmund Waterton ― whom I attacked for his Ionian 3.3. ― A magnificent bull animal, but then why not pay his debts? ― He left at Wimbledon.

The day was very sad ― (as well as deaf.) Poor Sarah had written ― having arrived too late to see Fred alive. He came home only tired: lay down ― rose to dinner & dined well. lay down again ― called out that he felt unwell: fainted: & died. A good man & leaving a blank.

Came away at 5 ― rail at 5.30. (One always sees Sir W. Farquhar). Home. And superintended Foord’s men in hanging all the pictures, down stairs: ― to what good lad is at present unknown.

Supper ― & bed at 10.45


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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