Thursday, 7 July 1864

A very misery. ― But ― “one struggle more” ― I rose at 6.30, & before 8 completed all I can ever do well, of the Argostoli. After breakfast, Came Foord the man at Foords ― & pasted & fixed in the Argostoli: ― all which lasted till 11. Then there was a visit from Gush, who has been applied to by Mrs. Robinson, her vacillating as to giving up his floor: ― whereat I rejoice ― for an additional 100£ a year is at least for 3 or 4 years no absolute [ruin], & is a fillip & motion to energy ― to say the very smallest. Two letters came ― one very nice from Lord Lilford: the other, good & sensible, from W.N. about the 2 pictures. My idea is to spend 120£ on AQllan’s board, say 20£ or 30£ for 5. Years: but this we shall see about.

At 1 ― came Mrs. Clive, Halliday & Mrs. Cosway: who looked aver drawings till 2.30 ― meanwhile, a Mrs. Sutherland also came ― less absurdly than formerly ― but still quite enough so. After these went, I penned out a little Κρητηκὰ― & at 4.30 ― walked out ― across the Park to Holman Hunts ― out ― also G. Middleton. Returning, saw P. Bouverie smoking a cigar on a bench in Kensington Gardens ― with whom walked to Oxford St. nearly home. ―

Bouverie is a kindly good fellow ever.

At Stratford Place, dined alone ― reading Sir W. Napier’s life.


I have lost a drawing ― that of Φιλάτες― the castle view, ― & cannot find it anywhere. Day’s bill came in too ― pleasing to relate 7£ in my favour. No letter from George ―― !

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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