Wednesday, 6 July 1864

Rose before 6 ― & painted! ― (Argostoli) till 8.

After 9 ― Tarrant came, bringing 60 mounted drawings. Then at 11 ― (disgusted by the bothers of the Portuguese lodgers’s & their servants, / & Gush, went to look at Mr. Rothery’s house, No. 10. ― Returning ― Lady Grey & Miss De Vœux came, & staid till nearly 1. Then William Evans. ―Poi ― luncheon. ― Ἔπειτα, Mr. Morier again ― whose niece has died suddenly, whereby the “Storks dinner” is put off.

Wrote various notes & looked out of windows till 4.15 ― when I went upstairs & painted at the foreground of the Argostóli till 6.15. (But the light is so narrowed & contracted & small ――― bah! ― I never paint comfortably.)

Then I went out, at 6.30 ― (after watching darling little Kathleen Clive skipping about on the steps opposite, ―) & called at F. Thrupp’s ― but they were all away: ― I learned that J. Uwins was aroad. ― Walked on ― & called at Mrs. Wilson’s ― (in the same home Sir Howard Douglas lived in.) ― & then on Wade-Browne, who is a pleasant fellow & good ― but way out. Then I came home. Found a letter from Fanny Coombe. Marion Morse has a little girl. Yet it seems but a little time since I used to sit at the back of G.C.’s poney carriage, with Marion ― a baby ― in the nurse’s arms ― which the nurse I kissed all the drive through ―. At 8. had dinner ― but was only consoled by Sir W. Napier’s life.


The Daywork of life is easy enough. Eating & sleeping are the horrors. ― Cromek wrote this morning ― having received the halves of the two 5£ notes I sent yesterday.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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